Freight & Goods Movement

NPA has substantial experience working with stakeholders to understand and address the environmental and social consequences of goods movement. For further information on any of these NPA projects, please contact us.


Long Beach Port

GOODS MOVEMENT TRAINING SEMINARS FOR CALTRANS NPA worked with California State University Long Beach’s Center for International Trade & Transportation (CITT) to develop and deliver a three-day goods movement training seminar for Caltrans planners from all over California.  The seminars include discussions of the supply chain and its elements; environmental considerations; tours of ports and trade-related facilities; and exercises involving the Ports to People™ game developed by nonprofit FuturePorts.  The game gives a visual representation of the economic benefits of goods movement.  NPA worked with Caltrans and CITT to ensure that representatives from the California Air Resources Board were able to take part in the training.

FreightTrainSTAFF SUPPORT TO COLLABORATIVE GOODS MOVEMENT EFFORT NPA provides staff support to a collaborative effort by businesses, regulatory agencies, and environmental groups working to identify ways to ensure that regional freight transportation energy needs can be met while also achieving air quality standards. NPA’s services include technical research and policy analysis; helping to develop recommendations; preparing meeting summaries; and assisting in coordination among the participants.


GLOBAL LOGISTICS SPECIALIST – SUPPLY CHAIN SUSTAINABILITY NPA developed a curriculum on “Greening the Supply Chain” for students in the Global Logistics Specialist professional designation program at the Center for International Trade & Transportation at California State University, Long Beach (College of Continuing and Professional Education). NPA President Nancy Pfeffer has taught the course three times a year since 2012, in both classroom and on-line format. The curriculum establishes basic terminology, describes the current environmental impacts of the supply chain, and covers the political and economic context of decisions about these impacts. The course uses the Port of Long Beach as a case study and often engages guest speakers from the Port environmental staff.

TRUCK TRIP GENERATION STUDY FOR HIGH-CUBE WAREHOUSING NPA managed a truck trip generation study for Inland Empire warehousing for the Inland Empire Chapter of the National Association of Industrial & Office Properties (NAIOP). The study found that trip generation rates from high-cube Inland Empire warehouse facilities were lower than those previously published by the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) for warehousing land uses. NPA President Nancy Pfeffer presented the findings to a meeting of the NAIOP Inland Empire chapter inside the 1.8-million-square-foot Skechers warehouse in Moreno Valley. The findings were also submitted to ITE for inclusion in a future edition of the trip generation manual.


PORT OF SAN DIEGO ENVIRONMENTAL TRAINING NPA developed and presented a one-time four-hour course for wharfingers on Environmental Responsibility. Wharfingers serve as important liaison personnel between the Port and the vessels that call there. Ms. Pfeffer designed the four-hour course based on her class on “Greening the Supply Chain,” taught in the Global Logistics Specialist program at Cal State Long Beach’s College of Continuing and Professional Education. The San Diego course included case study breakouts developed by NPA, in which the class members played the role of Port Commissioners collaborating to develop environmental initiatives, such as a clean truck program.


FREIGHT INSTITUTIONAL ARRANGEMENTS STUDY FOR TRB NPA studied success factors in freight institutional arrangements and convened a related conference for the Transportation Research Board under the National Cooperative Freight Research Program (as sub to Cambridge Systematics). The final report is available on the TRB website.



TRB STUDY OF FACTORS IN FREIGHT TRANSPORTATION DEMAND NPA partnered with Halcrow, Inc. on a National Cooperative Freight Research Program project to identify and evaluate factors in freight transportation demand for the Transportation Research Board. NPA facilitated a peer exchange to ensure that the research would provide high-value results. The final report is available on the TRB website.


SCAQMD ROUNDTABLE ON ALTERNATIVE FREIGHT MOVEMENT NPA convened and moderated a one-day expert roundtable on alternative freight movement technologies for the South Coast Air Quality Management District. NPA provided a detailed follow-up report of the proceedings.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH ON PORTS’ CLEAN TRUCK PROGRAM NPA provided community outreach services during the development of the San Pedro Bay Ports’ Clean Truck Program for a private client.

REGIONAL GOODS MOVEMENT VISION WORKSHOP NPA President Nancy Pfeffer developed a plan for a regional goods movement envisioning workshop for Southern California stakeholders.

PORT OF SAN DIEGO CLEAN AIR PROGRAM NPA provided advisory services to the Port of San Diego in their development of a Clean Air Program (as sub to ENVIRON).

ANALYSIS OF INDUSTRIAL REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT NPA analyzed likely paths of industrial real estate development in Southern California for a private client (as sub to WCL Consulting).

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