Nancy PfefferThere is always something interesting happening at NPA, including new projects, presentations by NPA President Nancy Pfeffer, and related activities.  See the news items from 2012 below, learn more about Nancy or check out Nancy’s webcasts and videos.


NOVEMBER Nancy Pfeffer Makes Planning Roundtable Presentation The California Planning Roundtable brings together forward-thinking city and county planners from jurisdictions around the state to share and advance best practices in urban planning. At their annual Roundtable meeting in Riverside, NPA President Nancy Pfeffer participated as a presenter on a panel discussing regional planning, in her role as the Director of Regional Planning for the Gateway Cities Council of Governments. Ms. Pfeffer spoke about the demographics of the Gateway Cities and their more than 15-year history of successful collaborative planning in the areas of transportation, air quality, goods movement, sustainable communities, and economic development.

OCTOBER NPA Presents Equity Findings to SANBAG Corridor Advisory Groups NPA has reached preliminary findings in its assessment of equity (fairness) for proposed Express Lanes on the I-10 and I-15 freeways in San Bernardino County, through work being conducted for the San Bernardino Associated Governments (SANBAG). NPA President Nancy Pfeffer, after briefing the SANBAG board on the findings, is now presenting the draft findings to three Corridor Advisory Groups convened by SANBAG, including one each in the High Desert, East Valley, and West Valley. The study findings indicate that the proposed Express Lanes would not pose equity concerns for low-income drivers, with the exception of requirements for transponder accounts. These burdens can be alleviated by adopting policies similar to those recommended for, and implemented by, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority for the ExpressLanes on I-10 and I-110 in that county.

FALL Appointment to South Coast AQMP Advisory Group The Gateway Cities Council of Governments (COG) has been appointed to the South Coast Air Quality Management Plan (AQMP) Advisory Group. The group of diverse stakeholders, including industry associations, environmental groups, local governments, and planning agencies, will advise the South Coast air district staff as they develop the 2016 Air Quality Management Plan, focused on meeting ozone and other federal air quality standards. Nancy Pfeffer, in her role as Director of Regional Planning for the Gateway Cities, will represent the COG on the Advisory Group.

JULY Nancy Pfeffer Presents at CCEEB Annual Issues Conference Each year the California Council for Environmental and Economic Balance (CCEEB) conducts a Summer Issues Session at Lake Tahoe. This year NPA President Nancy Pfeffer has been invited to speak in her role as the Director of Regional Planning for the Gateway Cities Council of Governments. She joins other speakers on a panel addressing economic development challenges facing different regions of the state, and will present information showing the demographic and economic status of the Gateway Cities, which comprise twenty-eight incorporated cities and additional unincorporated communities in Southeast Los Angeles County. The population of the Gateway Cities is about two million residents.

JUNE Nancy Pfeffer Presents Work in Webinar on Managed Lanes NPA President Nancy Pfeffer presented her work studying equity for three HOT lane projects in Southern California to a Managed Lanes Webinar organized by consulting firm Atkins Global. Other speakers on the webinar panel included Stephanie Wiggins of Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, who was NPA’s client for the low-income impact assessment for ExpressLanes on the I-10 and I-110 freeways in Los Angeles County, and representatives from the Washington State Department of Transportation.

MAY Supply Chain Greening Course Taught Again NPA President Nancy Pfeffer taught her “Greening the Supply Chain” course on environmental sustainability to Global Logistics Specialist (GLS) students at Cal State Long Beach for the fourth time in the classroom to a group of about twenty-five students. Long Beach Harbor Commissioners Doug Drummond and Rich Dines were in the class and added commentary from their unique perspective. Most of the students in the GLS program are mid-career professionals seeking additional understanding of the global logistics industry in preparation for job or career changes.

APRIL Nancy Pfeffer Teaches Sustainability Class at Port of San Diego NPA President Nancy Pfeffer designed and taught a well-received class on environmental sustainability to wharfingers at the Port of San Diego. Wharfingers serve as important front-line liaison personnel between the Port and the vessels that call there. Ms. Pfeffer designed the four-hour course based on her class on “Greening the Supply Chain,” taught in the Global Logistics Specialist program at Cal State Long Beach’s College of Continuing and Professional Education. The course included case studies in which the class members played the role of Port Commissioners collaborating to develop environmental initiatives, such as a clean truck or shore power program.

APRIL NPA Is Awarded Third Sole-Source Contract to Study Equity of Express Lanes NPA has been retained by the San Bernardino Associated Governments (SANBAG) to conduct an equity assessment for proposed Express Lanes on I-10 and I-15 in San Bernardino County. The proposed lanes, at over 30 miles each, would be the longest in the nation if implemented. Like the previous study for proposed express lanes on I-5 near Santa Clarita, this study will also be founded on Special Report 303, “Equity of Evolving Transportation Finance Mechanisms,” published by the Transportation Research Board in 2011. The work conducted by NPA will include analysis of project-specific data on demographics, traffic modeling, and toll modeling, as well as outreach to stakeholders, experts, and Corridor Advisory Groups convened by SANBAG.

MARCH City Fabrick Celebrates Official Launch with Party NPA President Nancy Pfeffer, the founding Chair of City Fabrick’s board, spoke briefly about the organization’s mission and history at a launch party. City Fabrick is a non-profit design studio promoting progressive urban design that enhances the livability of communities and the health of residents in Long Beach. The party was held at City Fabrick’s new office at 425 East 4th St., Suite E, in the East Village Arts District of Long Beach. About sixty friends of City Fabrick were in attendance.

FEBRUARY New NPA Contract to Study Equity of Express Lanes NPA has been awarded a sole-source contract to study the equity implications of proposed Express Lanes on the northern portion of I-5 near Santa Clarita. The study will be the second such assessment performed by NPA for the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority. The study will be guided by the 2011 Transportation Research Board (TRB) Special Report 303, “Equity of Evolving Transportation Finance Mechanisms,” which summarizes current nationwide research on this topic.

JANUARY NPA Joins Team Bidding to SANDAG for Public Outreach NPA has been asked to join Simon Wong Engineering on a team bidding to provide on-call public outreach services to the San Diego Association of Governments. NPA’s role would be as an advisor on environmental justice issues.

JANUARY NPA Becomes a Certified DBE NPA has received formal Small Business Enterprise (SBE) and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Certification under the California Unified Certification Program (CUCP). The application for the statewide certifications was processed by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority. These certifications will assist NPA in obtaining future opportunities to bid for public-sector contracts, particularly for agencies striving to meet DBE participation goals.


NOVEMBER Membership on SCAG Policy Subcommittee on High-Speed Rail Nancy Pfeffer has been appointed as a non-voting member of SCAG’s newly formed High-Speed Rail & Transit Policy Subcommittee, representing the Gateway Cities Council of Governments. The subcommittee will meet six times over the succeeding months, culminating in policy recommendations that are forwarded to the SCAG Transportation Committee and Regional Council. The agendas and minutes of the subcommittee meetings are available here.

OCTOBER NPA Provides Staff Support to Collaborative Goods Movement Effort NPA has begun providing staff support to a collaborative effort by businesses, regulatory agencies, and environmental groups working to identify ways to ensure that regional freight transportation energy needs can be met while also achieving air quality standards.  NPA’s services include technical research and policy analysis; helping to develop recommendations; preparing meeting summaries; and assisting in coordination among the participants.

OCTOBER Nancy Pfeffer Speaks at UCLA Lake Arrowhead Policy Conference Representing the Gateway Cities Council of Governments (COG) as Director of Regional Planning, Ms. Pfeffer spoke on a panel titled “Strengthening the Linkages Between Finance and Green Policies.” She discussed the process and outcomes of developing a subregional Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS) for the member jurisdictions of the COG, including the unmet funding needs for projects identified through the SCS.

FALL Gateway Cities Job Creation and Economic Revitalization Program Nancy Pfeffer, in her role as the Director of Regional Planning for the Gateway Cities Council of Governments, worked with partners from Cal State Long Beach and the Gateway Cities to complete an economic status report on the region and present the findings at an Economic Summit held October 31 in Lakewood. The summit was attended by about 200 local elected officials, city staff, and other stakeholders. At the conference, economic development managers from two similar, port-oriented metropolitan areas – Puget Sound (WA) and Jacksonville, FL – shared their experiences and lessons learned. They pointed out that it’s important to collect data on economic conditions and to build partnerships between the public and private sector.

SEPTEMBER Nancy Pfeffer Moderates Panel at Mobility 21 Summit NPA President Nancy Pfeffer moderated a panel that she helped to organize at the annual Mobility 21 Summit held at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim. The panel was entitled“Time to Work Together: The Implementation of Goods Movement Infrastructure Projects and the Public Health Community.” The panel focused on the I-710 (South) Corridor Project as a case example of this type of collaboration. The panelists included Hon. Larry Forester, Councilmember, City of Signal Hill; Julia Lester, Ph.D., Prinicpal, ENVIRON; Joseph Lyou, Ph.D., President & CEO, Coalition for Clean Air and Board Member, South Coast AQMD; and Paul Simon, M.D., MPH, Director, Division of Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention, Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. Watch the video.

AUGUST NPA on Team Bidding for Value Pricing Analysis This summer NPA teamed with D’Artagnan Consulting LLC, Cambridge Systematics, and others to bid on SCAG’s Regional Value Pricing Project, a study of the feasibility of implementing a variety of roadway pricing mechanisms across the Southern California region. NPA’s role would be to provide public outreach services with particular emphasis on outreach to the business community.

JUNE  NPA President Nancy Pfeffer Gives Wrap-Up at FuturePorts Annual Conference In her role as a board member of FuturePorts, Nancy Pfeffer attended the non-profit’s annual conference, titled Strong Ports = Strong California. Stepping in as a last-minute replacement for another board member, Ms. Pfeffer provided a brief conference wrap-up inspired by the day’s three panels. The highlight of the first panel was political consultant Harvey Englander urging the goods movement industry to build a coalition that would make Sacramento and Washington, DC, the “center of its universe.” The second panel’s highlight was South Coast Air Quality Management District board member Joseph Lyou urging industry and environmentalists to compromise so that freight infrastructure projects can move forward. The third panel, on financing, highlighted the vast scope of goods movement investments within and beyond the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. Ms. Pfeffer’s message to the attendees was that FuturePorts is doing the right thing and we need to keep on doing it: communicating the need for these investments, and continuing dialogue among all stakeholders to maintain support.

JUNE NPA Organizes, Speaks on APA Webinar Panel Nancy Pfeffer, President of Network Public Affairs, organized a webinar for the American Planning Association on environmental justice and freight on June 15th. The nationwide webinar was attended by over 100 planners from all parts of the United States. The panel included a speaker from the Federal Highway Administration’s Office of Planning, who gave an update on federal environmental justice policy; a speaker from the non-profit Center for Neighborhood Technology, who spoke about a case study of cargo-oriented development; and Ms. Pfeffer, who spoke about the Community Participation Framework for the I-710 South Corridor Project.

MAY NPA President Presents Equity Work at TRB Managed Lanes Conference in Oakland Nancy Pfeffer traveled to Oakland in May to present her equity analysis of the Los Angeles County MTA’s ExpressLanes demonstration project as part of a panel on public outreach at the Transportation Research Board’s 14th International Conference on Managed Lanes. The analysis found that low-income commuters would not be adversely impacted by the project because grant funds and project revenues will be invested in improved transit and vanpool service along the ExpressLanes corridors (I-110 and I-10). Low-income commuters will have more travel choices under the program than they do now, and MTA will offer credits for qualifying low-income households.

MAY NPA President Nancy Pfeffer Presents Second Module in Global Logistics Specialist Program As a new member of the faculty of the Global Logistics Specialist Professional Designation Program of the Center for International Trade and Transportation at California State University, Long Beach, NPA President Nancy Pfeffer taught a module on Greening the Supply Chain for the second time in May, again receiving very high student evaluations. This module gives GLS students the tools to understand the environmental impacts of the global materials economy. They use this and other knowledge gained in the program to develop a capstone project that incorporates “greening” strategies. Ms. Pfeffer was supported by guest speaker Thomas Jelenic, Assistant Director of Environmental Planning for the Port of Long Beach, who spoke about the Port’s extensive efforts to reduce environmental impacts of its operations and those of its tenants.

MAY NPA Relocates to New Office with Port View Network Public Affairs relocated this month to a “dream office” with a view of the Long Beach harbor area including the Aquarium, the Queen Mary, and the Port of Long Beach.

APRIL City Fabrick Receives Major Founding Grant, Organizes Walk Audit City Fabrick received a $250,000 grant from The California Endowment to help fund the organization’s start-up activities and allow the hiring of an Executive Director. That same month, Nancy Pfeffer participated in staffing a Central Long Beach walk audit for residents, organized by City Fabrick in partnership with City Council District 6 staff, the YMCA, and other community partners.

APRIL NPA President Nancy Pfeffer Speaks to Chinese Delegation Nancy Pfeffer made a presentation to a delegation of visiting Chinese business students being hosted by the Center for International Trade and Transportation at California State University, Long Beach. The presentation came just before the students were to take a tour of the Port of Long Beach. Ms. Pfeffer spoke about local and regional community concerns regarding goods movement, ports, and related infrastructure. She also described the federal, state and local policies and programs that have been adopted to address these concerns.

FEBRUARY Nancy Pfeffer Helps to Found New Long Beach Non-Profit Beginning in 2010, Nancy Pfeffer was one of three founders of City Fabrick, a non-profit design studio based in Long Beach whose mission is to promote progressive urban design and redefine the physical environment for people. She currently serves as the founding Chair of the board of directors. In February, Ms. Pfeffer attended the New Partners for Smart Growth Conference in San Diego along with colleagues from the organization.

JANUARY NPA President Nancy Pfeffer Presents Gateway Cities SCS NPA President Nancy Pfeffer, in her role as the Director of Regional Planning for the Gateway Cities Council of Governments, presented the Gateway Cities Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS) in the South Bay alongside SCAG staff as part of public outreach activities for the regional SCS in Southeastern Los Angeles County.


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